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Businesses keep on coming in new markets, out of which this is a business. You will be told all the information in the post of best future business ideas. Friends, we have brought a total new business tips for you, web-stories business ideas, what you have to do, web stories have to be learned to be very good.


best future business ideas


best future business ideas


After you get all the information about web stories, after that you have to start your business, you can call it business or consultancy.

After that the new blogger will have to be contacted, he will have to tell that we will give you good web stories. After that you will have to target a big company, he will also have to talk to him, he will have to say that we will make good web stories done by you so that the people will get information about your business.

If you charge 200 rupees for creating 5 web stories from one user, then you can earn 2000 thousand rupees a day from 10 such users. If seen according to the month, then 2000*30=60000 is up to thousand. A big company can also give you 500 rupees of payout.


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If a big company asks you to make web stories, then you have to say yes immediately because that company gives very good charge for making web stories.

If she likes your work, then she will ask you to work again and again. If that company makes a lot of profit from your web stories, then you can keep that company for successful web stories.

You can charge 10,000 thousand per week from that company and if you look at the whole month, then you can take a charge of 40,000 thousand.  

If you want to earn more money then you have to give coaching to people. Your complete information has to be shared with the people. You have to understand the teaching of the people, for this you can decide the charge according to your own. Will tell you some information about what will happen to teach this web stories.


how to make google web stories

Friends, for this you have to take a domain and get a hosting. If you already have both of these then it is very good if you are working with free blogger then you have to install google make web stories.

We believe that creating web stories in WordPress will be easy for you and it is very good for you.

google web stories seo

You have to select the trending topic first. After that, you have to put the related photos of the topic. After that you have to do good design. What is the keyword and what title are you going to keep, that has to be done.

web stories examples

You have to make web stories related to your website. There are many topics related to sports, related to business, related to news.

Friends, we have told you about future business ideas. We are sure that you would have liked this post.

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