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Friends, today I am going to tell you about a new latest business ideas. You will like this business very much, this business can be very useful and fulfill the need of the people, you must do this business. This is the business of the library, people want a book to read now, you can give a book to the people. People like to read in a specific place, that’s why people like to go to the library, there is no loud noise there. latest startup business ideas


new latest business ideas

Latest Now days a very trending this Library business. This is small business idea . I think so import ace people lets go this article finish….. continue reading …….

Latest library business Every smart city or metropolitan city and also normal city this will be work and start-up small investment. provide a you what it is idea …

1. Student Library


Library first time investment Total explain what are a include a Library . what will be investment money which are a require a Library .

First 1 hall as your requirement as you think big ya small your depend choice. Than your are how many students you want sitting arrange. Which are book store you depend.

You can be a choice a Some amount of table and chair According your hall size. Than you need a water and fain. Or your need to 1 entry register or 1 advertisement poster and 3,4 news paper you can buy for students. Your Library so many posted than a need a publicity.

Lets tell me a your first investment Library

You can be a totally first time time investment

  1. chair .200*150₹=3000 ₹
  2. fain your hall require 3 ya 5 = 1000 * 3000
  3. Furniture = 5000₹
  4. entry register =1000₹
  5. advertisement poster =1000₹
  6. water can=1000₹

Your Total first Time investment 15000 ₹

And another extra amount like

  1. Rent 4000₹
  2. Building bill = 2000 ₹
  3. Light bill = 500 ₹

Total amount =6500 ₹

This is one time investment 11500₹ only

Lets tell me your earning day by day  

You can decide a How many chair was than you can student allowed your library.

Than you can be choice a student ya another personal which is rent give as.your business you have decide price of hour of sitting as per student.

  1. 6 hour =400₹/month
  2. 8 hour =600₹ /
  3. 12 hour =1000₹/
  4. 24 hour =1500₹/

You can diced a your library As you want So Only 100 students are only 6 hour for sit in library.

  1. 100×400=40,000₹ Than
  2. 50 students 8 hour
  3. 50×600=30,000₹  Than
  4. 25 students 12 hour
  5. 25×1000=25000₹

Or remining assume empty

How many amount only one month you earn

You earn Total amount=95000–15000=70,000₹

Net profit =70k

Friends, this business can prove to be very good for you, you should know about this. You have to keep the things according to your need, it is necessary to keep the books which you need in this library. Friends, if you have got this business information, then share this post with your friends or group. And tell us how have you liked this post, if you have information about any business then tell us. latest business ideas in hindi

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