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Friends, if you are thinking of starting any business, then this post of our small business ideas for women must be read once. We have brought new business ideas for you for the best business ideas for women.

In today’s time, women have also started doing different types of business. You must have seen that if someone is running a restaurant, then someone is running a shop. You must have seen all this that the woman business is doing. But there is also some such woman who has made her property worth crores by doing business.

small business ideas for women

small business ideas for women


This girl named Pixie Curtis started the business of toys and had earned more than 1 crore 4 lakhs in just one month. Pixie Curtis is only 10 years old.

Falguni Nayar is the founder of an Indian e-commerce nykaa fashion. In this, today beauty products are found in websites or mobile apps and shops. Today this woman’s top is included in the name of Business Woman.

These people started the business with a motive. Apart from those who have got success today, she is a woman somewhere, she has got success today by starting small business.

Today in this post, we have brought easy business for you, in which you will start this business with less investment. To do this business, you must have a little experience so that you can make this business easy. I am will tell you a list about good business, which will be of great help to you in starting a business.


1. Event Planning

To do a business, you only need to have experience and you should have contact with each other. It is good if you have a shop, otherwise you can handle all this while sitting at home.

If you have an event of a birthday party or a wedding or any function event, then you have to manage all these events only.

You have to decorate your temple or keep in contact with all these of the water of the catering for the goods which are used in this.

Suppose you have taken 2 lakhs for the event of getting married, then you have come in all the managements like stage or water people or catering or DJ and give money to him, then you will have 50 thousand easily your profit will be there.

2. Graphic design

To start this business, you must have a shop. You have to tell that graphic design is a kind of art, in which we will give you an effective message with the help of text and graphics.

What will you make people with this business, such as a message can be in graphics, logo, brochure, newsletter, poster or in any form.

To start this business, you must have a little experience or you are a creative and you like to keep innovating, then graphic designing can be a good career option for you.

You only have to invest a little money to start this business. You will not have to invest up to 1 lakh.

3. Content creation / writing

To start this business, you must know how to write and understand. You should be able to write well on any subject. Like you will be writing content for a newspaper, magazine or blog.

If you like to write new articles, then all the people near you will give you the opportunity to write them.

You can take 2000 thousand to write, it depends on you, what type of writing to write and how many words to write, it all depends on you.

4. Baby Items business

To start this business, you need to have baby goods and toys. You have to invest up to 2 lakhs to start this business.

In this business, you have to keep all kinds of clothes and toys like a child. After this, you will also have to keep the product for bathing the baby.

5. Undergarments business (how to start undergarments business in india)

To do this business, you can do this business without any experience, if you are a woman, then you can sell women’s Undergarments because women do not have any experience in buying, they will come to you to buy without any hesitation. You can sell all women’s Undergarments in this business.

You have to take a shop and take goods from whole sale, for this you have to invest up to 1 lakh. You will get all the profits in this business.

6. Couching student online

Have you completed college studies, you do not have any job then you have to open coaching class so that people will come to you to learn.

If you want, you can give coaching to the child in your home, after that you can also teach online. In this business, you will get profit from both the sides. Teaching online will also earn you money and teaching offline will also earn you money.

7. Beauty Paler business

This is a very good business for women, which works to decorate the people. People will come to you to make your face beautiful. There is a line of people in Beauty Paler at that time whether someone is getting married or any business.

You have to learn to start this business. You can also take training of Beauty Paler. After this you can open a shop. You have to invest less in this business.

Friends, today in this post we have told you about small business for ladies at home. We are sure that you must have got information about this business for ladies with low investment. If you also want to start any business then tell us by commenting. If there is any good business about home business ideas for women, then tell us by commenting.

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